Mare insemination.

Old Dominion Equine Associates offers a full spectrum of services related to equine reproductive health and management for both mares and stallions.

Stallion Care

Old Dominion Equine assists clients with stallion management, stallion behavior issues, breeding soundness, and fertility examinations.

Our veterinarians provide professional semen collection, evaluation, and packaging, and we regularly ship fresh cooled semen across the United States. Our practice not only provides FedEx next day shipment of semen, but also is approved for counter-to-counter same-day delivery via airline shipment. With no limitation on days we collect, we do whatever it takes to make sure your mare receives quality semen on time.

Frozen semen services at Old Dominion Equine are unique in that we can provide on-site cryopreservation of your stallion’s semen. We maintain liquid nitrogen tanks at our facility to safely store your semen for short or long term. We also offer vapor shipper rental and regularly ship and receive frozen semen from the United States and all over the world.

Broodmare Services

Old Dominion Equine provides a full complement of broodmare management and breeding services, including fertility/breeding soundness exams, estrus cycle management, and artificial insemination. We work diligently with “problem mares” to diagnose and treat causes of infertility, such as uterine infections, and use the most current reproductive techniques to get your mare in foal.

Our veterinarians can assist with breeding your mare, whether you choose live cover or artificial insemination with fresh-cooled shipped semen or frozen semen. We also offer advanced assisted reproductive techniques, such as deep horn insemination.

At Old Dominion Equine Associates, we assist with foal care from birth to maturity. Our veterinarians are available for attending foalings, and all client foals are examined at 8–12 hours of age. As the foal grows, we assist with conformational evaluation and correction and can make recommendations on nutrition. Foal illness can become life threatening very quickly. We offer complete foal medical care on the farm until referral becomes necessary.

From semen collection to insemination to foal care, we handle the entire spectrum of equine reproductive needs!