Oral examination.

Cardiovascular auscultation.


Purchase examination requires an in-depth knowledge of veterinary medicine, as well as a thorough understanding of the discipline of the horse being examined. It involves examination of the eyes, heart, lungs, and thorough palpation of the body and four limbs, as well as other specific areas as required. Its aim is to be predictive, using the same philosophy we apply to all our medical work; namely, always being systematic and thorough. Additional diagnostics, such as radiographs, ultrasound, or endoscopy, can be performed and reviewed on site, allowing completion of the purchase examination in a timely manner.

To set up a purchase exam you can submit the Pre-Purchase Exam Form or call our office at (434) 951-9225.

From breeding stock to Olympic-level performance horses, we offer the knowledge and experience to provide the highest quality pre-purchase examination and evaluation services to our clients.