Each year, from March to October, we invite veterinary students from all over the country to visit our practice and gain valuable clinical experience. Externships typically last 1–3 weeks, during which time students are able to gain hands-on training in an ambulatory setting with exposure to a variety of cases. Because we only take one extern at a time, each student receives one-on-one attention and mentorship. Housing is provided free of charge to visiting students. Externship is strongly encouraged before application to our internship program. For more detailed information, visit our AAEP Avenues Externship page.


  1. Write a cover letter.
  2. Provide a resume.
  3. Download and complete the Externship Application.
  4. Email these documents to us at Staff.odea@gmail.com or fax to us at (434) 951-9230.
  5. Once you submit your application, please allow 1-2 weeks for review.


Old Dominion Equine Associates offers a one-year internship position for exceptional new graduate veterinarians interested in an equine ambulatory career. Our program is registered with AAEP Avenues, which can be accessed through the link shown below. We have a young, progressive practice and enjoy training new veterinarians. Interns train, learn, and work in a supportive environment with active mentorship. Our fast-paced, high-quality ambulatory practice provides an optimal caseload of sport horse and reproductive medicine. We strive to offer a gradual introduction to equine medicine with emphasis on supervision and contact time between veterinarians. As each intern progresses, we encourage them to have more independence. Upon completion of the internship at Old Dominion Equine, you will be well versed in a wide variety of ambulatory (on the farm) equine medical procedures.

The position is highly competitive, and an externship at our practice is strongly encouraged before application. For more information, visit the AAEP Avenues Internship page for Old Dominion Equine Associates.